We start this year off with more new equipment! In January, we install an AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) machine – this is a machine that will visually inspect circuit boards for missing parts, orientation and even color bands and nomenclature on the components. This is especially useful for inspecting SMT assemblies, since the parts are getting so small it can be difficult and time-consuming to inspect via microscope.

Then in February, we receive and install TWO high-speed Europlacer Vitesse pick and place machines! The addition of these machines increases our SMT capacity by 800%!

Each machine has dual heads, each head with 8 turret-style nozzles, which move so quickly that it is hard to follow with the naked eye!

In line with the receipt of the above machines, we reorganize the layout of our shop and make a number of improvements to make the work flow more smoothly.