A dedicated Schippers & Crew NPI team assures that every new product is reviewed by manufacturing engineering, built to customer specification and delivered on schedule to maximize its success in the marketplace.

Our technical staff has the skills and experience to assist you in the product development stage. Our DFM/DFT input is borne from years of skill and experience, with your time-to-market strategy and ease of manufacturing in mind.

  • DFM/DFT (Design for Manufacturability/Design for Test)
  • Build quantities of 1 or more
  • 48 hour turnaround available
  • Full or partial turnkey services available
  • Leaded or lead-free

Prototype batches can be run through the same machine lines as production batches to ensure consistency in the manufacturing process. Manual assembly is available to expedite delivery and reduce setup expenses. Manual assembly can handle any size board or any pitch SMT component.


SMT capacity with 4 High Speed SMT Lines.

Our SMT unit is equipped to handle your custom assembly requirements, from the prototype stage through full production, leaded or lead-free. We provide a wide range of SMT assembly services including single and double-sided, fine pitch, BGA & micro-BGA, and mixed-technology. We continually add equipment to increase our capabilities and capacity.

  • Four production lines
  • Fine pitch and packages down to 0201
  • BGA and micro-BGA
  • Single and double-sided boards
  • Mixed-technology
  • Advanced wash system
  • Repair and rework services
  • BGA inspection and rework services


Box Build refers to the finished assembly of your product. We can configure our box build area to support your product’s specific requirements. It can be as simple as installing the assembly into its case, or as complete as packaging and shipping it to your distributor.

We provide a variety of box build assembly services including:

  • Mechanical assembly
  • Serialization & bar code
  • Burn-in & test
  • Conformal coating & potting
  • Packaging
  • Drop shipment


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to a customer’s supply chain requirements. Schippers & Crew offers customized solutions to meet individual inventory levels and delivery demands.


Ship your product overnight and get test results the following day.

X-Ray Service Request Schedule

  • PCB assemblies
  • BGA and uBGA solder inspection
  • Multi-layer PCB’s
  • Flex circuit and flip chip
  • Pb-free process control
  • Wire bonding in semi-conductors

Our state-of-the-art inspection system takes the guesswork out of process control with features that include Windows XP based software and collision free sample movement, thereby eliminating any chance of operator error. Our system utilizes digital imaging so if instant feedback is required, we can email the results directly to your in-box. If not, we can record the images on a CD and mail them to you when we return your sample.Real time X-Ray inspection provides a non-destructive technique to analyze complex structures of varying densities. Internal inspection of a sample can be performed with submicron defect recognition at the highest magnification (5450X) and resolution. Samples can be viewed from 0 – 45 degree angle with capability to view 360 degrees around any position over entire inspection area.

Quick turn BGA rework service

Your circuit boards can be reworked, X Ray inspected and shipped within 24 hours of receipt.

System inspection can provide:

  • Percent of Die Attachment
  • Voiding
  • Solder Sphere Formation
  • Solder Ball Diameter Measurement
  • Micro Cracks

System Capabilities:

  • State of the Art Image Inspection
  • Submicron spot size
  • Automatic void identification and measurement software
  • System magnification up to 5450X
  • Digital Imaging in multiple formats
  • Oblique angle view 0 – 70 degrees
  • Inspection area 18″ X 16″
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Give us your bill of materials and we’ll take it from there. We’ll procure the components for your build based on your delivery schedule using our purchasing power to achieve the best value and service from suppliers.

  • ERP system for optimum scheduling
  • Mixed turnkey kitting—you provide selected components
  • Help sourcing PCBs, programmed parts, obsolete components
  • ESD program for proper material handling
  • Use our turnkey services to reduce your administrative and inventory costs.

Combination Turnkey & Consigned

If you wish to provide certain key components we can provide a partial turnkey service for the remaining parts. This works well for certain custom made parts (metalwork, programmed parts or PCBs) or long-lead time parts. We’ll work with you to keep your kit on time and on budget.


Consigned assembly begins with our Kit Audit department where components are verified against your bill of materials. Inconsistencies are noted immediately to help ensure a smooth and timely assembly process. All components are kept in customer-specific bins labeled with the work order numbers assigned to each job.

  • Kit Audit report notifies you of any discrepancies to keep job on schedule
  • Component scales and reel counters for accurate counts
  • ESD program for proper material handling

Combination Turnkey & Consigned

If you wish to provide certain key components we can provide a partial turnkey service for the remaining parts. This works well for certain custom made parts (metalwork, programmed parts or PCBs) or long-lead time parts. We’ll work with you to keep your kit on time and on budget.


We have wave soldering and selective soldering equipment in both leaded and lead-free lines. Our selective soldering equipment allows flexibility when installing parts that may otherwise require expensive tooling or hand installation. Our lead-free solder pots are tested regularly to ensure freedom from lead or copper contamination. The results are charted and posted giving complete assurance that our lead-free solder is within RoHS parameters.

  • Low to high volume production
  • Leaded or lead-free wave solder
  • Selective Solder Machine for mixed technology
  • Push line for high-volume production
  • Component prep equipment
  • Repair and rework services


We provide assembly and testing of a wide variety of cable and wire harness assemblies. We are equipped with wire cut-and-strip equipment, crimping machines, presses, and a variety of hand tools.

  • Custom wire assemblies
  • Cable harness assemblies

Our benchtop cable and harness tester can be configured to thoroughly test all aspects of your cable or harness assemblies, with its resistance range from .005 to 100K ohms verifying the quality of the wire connections.


Based on your technical documentation our engineers will work with you to define a testing strategy that best suits your product’s complexity and production volumes.

  • In-Circuit Testing (ICT) on Agilent (HP) 3070
  • JTAG Boundary Scan
  • Bench top functional testing
  • Burn-in
  • X-ray inspection
  • Custom test design

Our Agilent (HP) 3070 In-Circuit Test platform offers a wide array of testing capabilities, such as finding shorts, opens, missing or misplaced parts, and detecting analog and digital component failures.

JTAG Boundary Scan allows us to comprehensively test high density circuit boards, double-sided designs, and boards which use fine pitch and BGA devices. Additionally, we can take on your existing functional test or work with you to develop a comprehensive procedure.