Culminating several years of related electronics and finance experience, Bert and Lynne decide to go full time into the contract manufacturing business. The decision is made by “instant survey” – since there is some demonstrated demand for this service, there must be more! Sharing the sales and marketing functions, in the first 2 months Lynne logs 1,500 cold calls, an arduous task, to introduce the new company and expand the customer base. By the end of the first year, Schippers & Crew has 27 customers.

Like many startup companies, the first location is the family home. The name Schippers & Crew is picked. Bert is “Schippers” and Lynne’s children are the original “Crew.” In mid-1990 (with the help of the proverbial family loan) the first commercial space is leased and the first wave solder machine and assembly benches purchased. By the end of the year, the Crew is expanding, too, adding part-time employees.

We hold our first Open House on Wednesday, August 8, 1990, so proud of our vast 1100 square feet of nearly empty but clean tables and shelves and opportunity!