It’s our 20th ANNIVERSARY!!! Wow! So much has happened in those 20 years. We are proud of having achieved this milestone and look forward to more!

As 2010 begins, we see the beginnings of optimism return to the economy…some sectors stronger than others. We stay optimistic since we want to see things go better!

Along with that optimism comes the desire to improve our capacity in several areas. With that in mind, at the end of February, we install a new SMT line! The new machines consist of two Amistar Automation M2 pick & place machines – high speed & high quality/accuracy! We begin using them immediately to great result.

In April we exhibit at the annual Amcon show, and the results confirm our observations that the economy is picking up. One way or another, many people convey being cautiously optimistic!

In May we celebrate our 20th Anniversary with a successful open house (and we even had a happy hour!). It was a great event attended by many. It was fun to meet up with vendors, customers and friends. A few weeks later we had an employee party at a local venue with a great view and great food.

In July a new AOI – Automated Optical Inspection – machine is added to our Quality Control Department. These type of machines get faster and more capable every year, and this one is no exception. It increases our capacity in automated inspection instantly.

Then, in September we make our largest investment in a number of years – we bring on a brand new Europlacer IINEO Pick and Place machine! It is a beautiful machine, but what is even better is watching it pick & place parts on PCBs – amazingly fast! We see an immediate improvement in throughput of boards in our shop, which is exactly what we wanted.

2010 ends nicely – it was definitely a “recovery” year. All of the economic indicators, at least with our prospects and customers, are that this trend will continue into 2011. We are optimistic and looking forward to further expansion. See you then!