Expanding our space for the second time we add another 1000+ square feet. This gives us more space for assembly and also room for a training area!

From the very beginning, statistics have been kept, charted and used to monitor the performance of the company. As the company grows and increases production for its customers, the weekly graph bars on the production chart reach higher and higher up the wall each month. Finally one month the bars reach the top of the wall, cross the ceiling, and hang down from the rafter! After this, a new graph scale has to be arranged.

We receive more and more queries for SMT assembly from existing customers. Bert attends the Nepcon show for the first time, doing research on assembly and SMT Equipment to be able to continue servicing customer needs. We decide to set up an SMT line. By August we have our first line up and running and we are in the SMT business! Our first line consists of an Asymtek dispenser for solder paste dispensing, 2 Okano pick and place machines, and a Centech vapor phase reflow machine.

With the addition of our SMT equipment we find ourselves short of work space in October of 1993. But just then the remaining area on our floor becomes available, and we expand our space again! This brings our space total to around 4000 square feet.